Grant Criteria

The Sundale Community Foundation offers an opportunity for organisations providing service delivery within Nambour and its surrounding areas to apply for a grant.

To be considered for a grant, the applicant will need to demonstrate how it meets one the following criteria.
Improved outcomes for

  • People who are homeless and / or at risk of homelessness.
  • Children and young people (0 – 18 years).
  • Indigenous Australians.
  • Racial and ethnic minorities.
  • People experiencing mental illness.
  • People experiencing chronic conditions.
  • People experiencing disability.
  • Other individuals in need.

Application Process

What you need to know

Annual Grants 

Open: 1st June (each year)

Closes: 31st July (each year)

Submit your application via online form

How to apply

  • Application Form is available as an online form at the link provided on this website.
  • Submit one application for one project per annum for a project that must be completed within that year.
  • All applications must meet the Foundation’s eligibility criteria – see criteria below.
  • All applications must be completed in full and all information in the application must be true and accurate.
  • Funding will be made through a single competitive grant process.
  • The maximum grant will be: $10,000
  • The Foundation may make a grant on the basis of a shared financial arrangement. This ensures the applicant has an important stake in the project.
  • No applications are considered after the closing date.
  • All applications are to be written in English, signed, dated and made by a legal entity.
  • Part funding will be considered where an applicant can demonstrate access to co-funding to the Board’s satisfaction


Please make sure you read the funding objectives and specific exclusions for each of the program areas.
The applicant must be a legal entity in Australia and with a current Australian Business Number (ABN) and must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. A not-for-profit community organisation.
  2. A registered charity with the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  3. Endorsed by the ATO as deductable Gift Recipient.
  4. An educational institution.

General Exclusions

Projects that fall into any of the following categories will not be considered for funding:

  1. For-profit organisations.
  2. Government entities.
  3. Applicants that do not have enough revenue to cover their operating costs and all debts as they fall due.
  4. Applicants that have received a Sundale Foundation Grant in the past and who not acquitted their funds.

Activities that the foundation will not support.

  1. Anything considered illegal, highly risky or ethically questionable.
  2. Budget deficits, repayment of loans, business loans.
  3. Fundraising campaigns, overseas or domestic appeals or sponsorship.
  4. Gift or gift cards.
  5. Overseas or domestic travel.
  6. Religious or political activity.
  7. Funds for investment or organisational reserves.
  8. A project or activity that provides private or personal benefit eg the purchase of equipment, services or a vehicle for individual use.
  9. Activities without all necessary Government approvals (where necessary for the proposed project).
  10. Project management fees and / or project contingency costs.
  11. General operating expenses for organisations including salaries / wages and on costs.
  12. Funding for staff or member social events.
  13. Staff training and / or conferences other than in exceptional circumstances.
  14. Educational programs or resources unless the project responds to a community need and provides community benefit.

Assessment of applications

  1. Alignment to the Foundations mission.
  2. The Board will specifically look for projects that have a well-defined need in the community and that will have a broad community impact.
  3. Applicants may be required to attend a Grant’s Committee meeting of the Foundation to present and explain how their project supports the Foundation’s mission.’
  4. All applicants will be advised as to the outcome of their application where it is successful or otherwise.
  5. Ability to nominate a representative to attend the Foundations Awards Ceremony.

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