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Grant opening date: 1st June (each year)
Grant closing date: 31st July (each year)
Contact for inquiries: Wayne Greenham



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  • A not-for-profit community organisation
  • A registered charity with the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  • Endorsed by the ATO as Deductable Gift Recipient
  • An educational institution
Describe what outcomes are expected to be achieved:
Describe how the proposed project will be undertaken, including (or attaching) a detailed project plan, clear description of initiatives and expected timeline for completion of the project and include details of any external service providers:
Is there a potential for this project to be shared with other similar organisations/service providers and if so, how and with whom?:
If only part funding is required for the proposed project outline how the applicant will fund the whole proposed project:
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If your application is successful the Foundation requests your agreement to be involved in publicity regarding the Foundation's grant program.
This may include provision of photographic material for use on social media, displaying promotional materials and participating in the Foundation's fundraising activities:

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that if its Application is successful then to receive its grant it must:
(1) Complete, sign and deliver to the Foundation prior to the Foundation’s Award Ceremony a Grant Deed in the form as set out on the Foundation’s website; and
(2) Have a representative attend the Foundation’s Awards Ceremony;
Failing either of which its grant may be forfeited in the absolute discretion of the Foundation in which event the Applicant will have no recourse against the Foundation or right of appeal.

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